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Opening Friday 3rd July - Update

We are getting ready and looking forward to seeing you all soon. Here are some Questions and Answers to help you with your return:-

Returning to Springwood Caravan Park: Update 30th June 2020

Questions & Answers

Q: Who can use our caravan?
A: Anyone living in the same household subject to our Park Rules. Different households can use the caravan at different times, but it should be well cleaned and ventilated before it is left for the next user to take over . The longer the time gap between visitors; the safer it will be. Different user groups can’t be at the caravan at the same time.

Q: Can a visitor come to my caravan.
A: No

Q: Can I socialise outside my caravan ?
A: No. But you can converse with others in passing, but you must keep your social distance at 2 metres. Scottish Rules apply.

Additional Measures

All people entering Springwood Caravan Park must register at the office. Forms are available in an outside box. We need to know who has arrived and who has returned home. These conditions are made by The Scottish Government as a condition of us being allowed to open and are subject to change at any time.

We look forward to welcoming you all back.